How to Watch Just Dance Now on Roku ?[Updated 2022]

In a world where we are all taught not to interrupt people, there is one thing that should be done: dance! You can now have your own party and score points for perfect moves. It’s Just Dance Now – an online service just waiting inside of you with the opportunity of becoming more social while having fun at it’s core .

We know how much you love dancing, so we’ve created a way for your Just Dance Now experience to be even better. Follow these simple steps and get ready because pumpin’ beats are coming!

Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now is a popular video game that allows players to dance along to popular songs using their smartphone as a controller. The game was developed by Ubisoft and first released in 2014. Since then, it has become one of the most popular games on the market, with over 100 million downloads.

Just Dance Now is more than just a game; it’s also a great workout. The game includes a built-in calorie tracker, so you can see how many calories you’re burning as you dance. And because the game is based on real-world movements, you’ll also be toning your muscles and improving your coordination.

How to Get Just Dance Now on Roku?

With the Just Dance Now app not available for Roku, we have another way to get it on your screen. This is done through screen mirroring and will be easy with our upcoming steps!

  1.  Just Dance Now on Roku via PC
  2. Just Dance Now on Roku via Mac

Important Steps for PC

Before you screen mirror your desktop on Roku, make sure to do the following steps.

Step1: Open your Roku and go to the Settings menu.

Step2: Go to your Roku’s Screen Mirroring menu and try it.

Step3: Connect your Roku to the same network as your TV and ensure that both are in the same WiFi network. Next, launch Screen Mirroring Mode on your Roku.

Step4: Then, on your Roku, choose Prompt.

Steps to Get Just Dance Now on Roku via PC

The Just Dance Now service can be accessed on your Desktop using web browsers (Chrome, Safari).

Step1: Install the Just Dance Now app on your Smartphone and set it up.

 Just Dance Now app

Step2: Then connect your Desktop and Roku with the same Wi-Fi.

Step3: Get into the Control Centre and opt for Connect on your Desktop.

Step4: Then pick your Roku device name from the list on your Desktop.

Step5: Opt for Accept or Always Accept on your Roku.

You’ll be shown your Desktop screen on your Roku.

Step6: Then browse the official website of Just Dance Now in any compatible web browser on your Desktop

Step7: Now scan the QR code of your Desktop on your Smartphone or append the room number on your Smartphone given in the browser on your Desktop.

QR code

Step8: Then pick a track from the list in the Just Dance Now app and hold your smartphone in your right hand. It’ll be shown on your Roku.

Steps for Mac before mirroring to roku

Step1: On your Roku, go to the Settings menu.

mirroring to roku

Step2: If you don’t already have a TV with Apple Airplay and HomeKit capabilities, go for it.

Step3: Then, on your Roku, pick Airplay and HomeKit settings.

Step4: On your Roku, if you don’t want to use Airplay, go for the option near the Airplay button.

Steps to Get Just Dance Now on Roku via Mac

Follow these steps to get Just Dance Now on your Mac.

Step1: On your Roku, follow the procedures listed above.

Step2: Open the Just Dance Now app on your smartphone and computer.

Step3: On your Mac and Roku, open the same Wi-Fi.

Step4: In the Apple Menu on your Mac, click the Airplay icon.

Step5: Then choose your Roku device name on your Mac. On your Roku, you’ll see a duplicate of the Mac screen.

Step6: Open the Just Dance Now app on your smartphone and computer.

Step7: Scan the QR code displayed on your Smartphone in the Just Dance Now app on your Mac, or add the room number to your smartphone that’s displaying in the Just Dance Now app on your Mac.

Step8:Hold your smartphone in your right hand and pick a song from the Just Dance Now app. Start dancing to the music and earn points. It’ll display on your Roku.

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