Is Win32:Bogent safe and how to remove it?

What is Win32:Bogent?

The antivirus program Win32:Bogent is a heuristic detection. If the security software detects significant changes in certain files on the host system, an alert is triggered.

The problem is that when you use legitimate applications like Steam, this warning may show up. When you start or update the game, your antivirus software might produce alerts.

Here’s a similar issue reported by a Reddit user on the Techsupport forum.

While downloading Company of Heroes 2, in steam, avast popped up and quarantined a file. Not sure if it’s a legit virus or a false positive. from techsupport

Is Win32:Bogent false positive or a real threat?

The answer for this question depends on how and when the alert was generated as your antivirus may have triggered wrong alert while opening steam client so,you can ignore that.

The Steam client’s design makes it difficult to launch this application because of the way it interacts with other programs on your computer, which is why you’re seeing these errors.

If you suspect the Win32:Bogent [susp] avast alert to be genuine, you may use a set of procedures to remove the infected files. More advanced antivirus software may be used to complete this task.

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Ways to Remove Win32:Bogent [susp] a Virus

Method 1: Verify If It is a False Positive or Not

  • You need to launch the antivirus software you are presently using.
  • The next step is to go to the Quarantine and search for Win32:Bogent file.

The file path should look something like this:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\downloading\236850pdx_browser\32libcef.dll

virustotal homepage

  • After that, click the button Choose File and select the path we just copied from quarantine.
  • Wait for the scanning process to complete.
    Check whether your file is infected or not from the result.

If you still have problems, your antivirus is wrong. If that’s the case, consider switching to a different antivirus because your current one shows a false positive.

Method 2: Try using another Antivirus


If you get a Win32:BogEnt error while updating or launching Steam, it’s probably a false positive. To ensure it’s a false positive, try running another security program.

If the Win32:Bogent is still a false positive, use a third-party antivirus program to clean up the virus after scanning using VirusTotal.

There are multiple strains of the Win32:Bogent virus. So, it is important to find and delete any threat before it creates more issues. If you find your existing antivirus solution to be ineffective, install Malwarebytes. It is one of the most effective antivirus solutions that can find and remove hidden viruses.

Method 3. Uninstall third-party antivirus 

If your third-party antivirus continues to generate false positives, consider switching it with a better solution like Malwarebytes.

  • Find windows search bar then type add or remove the program
  • there you will get a new window and check for avg/avast
  • select those and click on uninstall
    before cleaning them up check whether they are running in the background or not if it’s running you need to force stop them.
  • follow instructions shown on screen to uninstall antivirus software
  • Restart your PC and check whether the issue has been solved as you will not see false Win32:BogEnt detection.

Win32:BogEnt is the most typical false positive. It’s called Win32:BogEnt because it has a .exe extension like Windows does. The antivirus will think that you’re uploading malicious files to your computer if Win32:BogEnt gets detected on your system. We hope you find the information useful.

Method 4: Boot into Safe Mode

If you’re still having trouble getting rid of the infected file from your Windows PC, consider booting into Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, Windows begins with only critical services active.In Safe Mode, Trojan horse malware like bogent software can be removed since the file will not be locked.

  • Press windows key+I
  • find update and security
  • click on recovery from left menu
  • find advanced setup
  • click restart now
  • after restarting your PC click on troubleshoot option
  • Go to advanced option then startup settings
  • click on restart button.
  • After restarting press F4 or whatever function button does your PC supports to get into safemode
  • once PC restarts in safemode try removing infected files from your system
    now after removing those unwanted and malicious files you can reboot to basic functions in your computer.

FAQ: Win32:Bogent virus

1. What is Win32:BogEnt?

BogEnt Win32:BogEnt detects files saved on the host system’s odd behavior.

2. Which antivirus should I use to delete Win32:BogEnt?

You can use Malwarebytes which can remove win32:bogent then you can fix any issues related Win32:BogEnt.

3. Is Win32:BogEnt a false-positive?

If a single antivirus program identifies Win32:BogEnt as a danger, it’s more likely to be a false positive.

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