How To Make Someone A Mod On Discord?(Step-By-Step)

Discord is one of the widely used messaging platforms where one could share, Audio, video, and text with each other. Apart from this, Discord has lots of interesting features on its platform that make it different from other messaging platforms. If you are one who owns a private channel in Discord or has public Discord servers with hundreds or thousands of members here you will learn ” How To Make Someone A Mod On Discord?”

Then, I am pretty sure you have some moderate group beside you. It makes it so easy to manage a group if you have someone to look at a group activity. So coming to the point, Discord also has similar features where you can add friends or family to manage all the group activities after you.

Today in this article, we will discuss more this particular feature on how to make someone a mod on Discord. Well making a discord moderator is not that hard you can easily assign a new moderator without any hassle. But, it involves different steps which we will discuss in detail here.

How to make Discord Moderator?

Assigning a moderator to your discord group is not that hard unless you have someone to guide. Here we will guide you through series of steps that will help you to assign a moderator without any hassle. The best part with Discord is that you can easily assign a moderator with special permission. Follow the below step to start:

Creating Role on discord:

Step 1: First start the discord on your device you can launch Discord anywhere. The user interface of Discord is the same on Web Version and Discord app.

open discord

Step 2: After you, lunch Discord on your device, log into your account to assign a moderator.

Step 3: Now on the top left corner click on the Menu Option. On the drop-down menu click on the server setting on the menu tab.

serversetting in discord

Step 4: Now click on the role button on the left corner of the tab.

role button on discord

Step 5: After you click on the role button there you will see another button to create a role. Click on the create role button.

create role

Step 6: You can now create a new role all you need to do is name the role and similarly, you can also highlight the role name using colors as well.

Step 7: After creating roles now it’s time to assign Channel permission as per your needs. There are different Discord permission that you can assign into these roles like Manage Roles, Manage Emojis, Viewing Audit Log, and Managing Webhooks.

permission in discord

You can assign different permission to these roles depending upon your choice. Now it’s time to assign these roles to the member of your page.

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Assigning Roles

Step 1: Now got to the home of your page.

Step 2: After going to the home go to the user management section and click on the member tab.

Step 3: Now you will see all the members of your group, including the member you want to make a moderator. Here, you need to find the particular member whom you want to make a moderator.

If you have lots of members on the page then you can also search the person from the search bar.

Step 4: If you have found the member then there you will see three dot icons beside the name of a person click on it.

Step 5: Now click on the role button and there you will see all the roles that you have created for the moderator. Click on the role which you want to assign to the particular person.

This is how you will assign the role of the moderator for your page. Before assigning anyone as a moderator makes sure to select the necessary moderator role.

Video Guide:


How do you make someone a MOD on Discord?

There is no one-tap button to make moderator on Discord. First of all, you need to make a role and there you need to assign permission. After this, you need to give that role to the member for whom you want to make a moderator.

What permission should a mod have on Discord?

Moderator has different permission on the page like Moving Member, Banning, Kicking, Mute, and Unmute member and message managing. These are some of the permission that mod have on Discord.

What makes a good Discord Moderator?

After Admin Moderator is the one who is responsible for looking after the group. To become a moderator you need to be unbiased, Friendly, and committed to the page. Similarly, He/She also needs to have basic technical and communication skills.


Having someone to look Discord page makes it easy to manage the server. It is also recommended to make moderators who could manage the server, members, and all the group activity beside you. In this article, we have discussed the step-wise process to make moderators for your Discord Page. Making Moderator on Discord is not that straightforward. First, you need to define the role then you need to assign someone to that role.

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