How To Make A Spoiler Tag On Discord?[Step By Step]

I am sure you have seen a spoiler tag on discord, but if not this blog post will show you how to Make A Spoiler Tag On Discord. It is simple and easy!

Discord is the most popular app for chatting with gamers. But nowadays, a new type of content creator has joined this platform and created their own identity in discord- these are people who make GIFs, memes, or videos that you can find on websites like Gfycat. They offer different types of media to share such as images, video clips and even audio messages which allow other users to chat back using text replies!

In Discord there’s many features built into it including sending messages out to others with gifs/emojis/videos embedded within them but one thing some Discord users might not know about yet is Markdown formatting which adds things like bold font styling or italics without having to use any additional software programs such as Microsoft Word.

How to add spoiler tag on discord?

Here you will know about spoiler tags and add them in easy way so,without delay follow my steps :

Step 1: After typing your text you can move the cursor and highlight that then there you can see spoiler then just press it it will allow you to mark your text as spoiler.

spoiler tag discord

Step 2: After doing that you can see your text will be in || after that once you press enter the text will be hidden as in the image below:

spoiler text in discord

Using Markdown for Make A Spoiler Tag On Discord;

If you want to add a spoiler using markdown then here are the easiest ways in order to add so, follow those steps:

Step 1: In order to do spoiler tags with markdown you need to type your text then add two bars on either side.You can use the keyboard command “Shift + Back Slash.”

Then your information will be hidden so, only those who will click on that text will be disclosed to them.

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Hiding Spoilers on Mobile:

When you’re on the go, it can be hard to catch up with all your messages at once. Luckily for us, we have spoiler tags in Discord!

The double vertical bars are available by clicking twice on a phone keyboard or typing two pipes before and after text content using any other type of keyboard. This will add a cover page over what is being said that only those who want to see can open.

spoiler message in discord

Video Guide on adding spoiler tag on discord:


Thats it for today if you face any sorts of issue let us know we will try to fix it as soon as possible and dont forget to share this article How To Make A Spoiler Tag On Discord which can prevent you from getting spoilers whether its from anime or from movie

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