How To Lock A Discord Channel?

The Discord app is a voice and text chat client for people to use in order to connect with each other. It has many features that are useful, such as the ability to share your screen with others while chatting or playing games.

The chat rooms can be public or private, which allows you to choose who will see what you post. You can also talk using voice by pressing the microphone button on the left side of the toolbar at any time during a conversation. With this app, you’ll never have difficulty finding someone new to talk with but if you want to create a private channel then what so in order to learn that here in this guide you will learn How To Lock A Discord Channel on android and Pc!

What does a lock on a discord channel mean?

  • In voice channel, you can lock and decide with whom you want to speak and listen
  • Give permission to people
  • users can view the discord channel but they cant click on it
  • make read-only text channels with discord role

How To Lock A Discord Channel?

It’s really useful to lock a Discord channel. Here is a simple tutorial on how to lock a Discord channel.

Text and voice channels in Discord are accessible to everyone on a server by default. This implies that anybody can join them.To keep some sense of order in a big server, it’s a good idea to use roles with distinct authorities and permissions.

You may also want to lock a channel for everyone on your server, except owners/admins. This article will walk you through how to do it.

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How to lock a channel on Discord |pc

Here are few steps that you can follow to lock a discord channel on pc

step 1: Open discord dashboard

step2:click on a server in which you need to have a channel to lock as you can find the server in the left hand in discord.

step 3: Find the settings icon of the channel then you can find all channels.

step 4: Once you click on the channel setting new window of discord will open. click on permission from left-hand

permission in discord

step 5: now select @everyone and you can find roles/members

step 6: Click on x next to permissions x will glow red then click on x on every permission.

roles in discord

step 7: Now you can save it by clicking on save changes.

step 8: Now your channel is locked and no one can get access it.

NOTE: – You should have Administrator rights in order to lock the channel on Discord

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How to lock channels on discord mobile?

Here is a guide on how to lock channels on discord mobile:

Step 1:-On your phone, download and install the Discord app.

Step 2:- To access the “Discord” function, click on the Discord symbol that looks similar to a minus sign at the very left-hand top of your Discord window.

Step 3:- You’ll now have a complete list of servers on the left side.

Step 4:- On the server where you have a channel to lock, click on it.

Step 5:- Select the server name, then click on the three dots that are on the right-hand side of the server name to open a drop-down menu. Then select Server Settings from the menu.

Step 6:- Tap on Channels, then choose the channel you want to lock.

Step 7:- Click on permission below user management

Step 8:- Select Add a Role, click on Select Users or Groups, then click on @Everyone.

Step 9:- All of the permissions will be displayed, and you may tap on the red X for each one.

Step 10:- To save the changes, tap on the blue disk symbol on the right-hand bottom.


How do I lock a discord channel to read only?

You need to open discord then click on server you want to lock then there will be gear icon and click on lock icon it will lock the server.



That’s the way how to lock a channel on discord and I bet you have known to lock channel and if you face any sorts of issues let me know I will help you to fix it and don’t forget to share our article thanks 🙂

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