How to fix Twitch Fullscreen Not Working?

Is your Twitch fullscreen function not working? The solution is quite simple! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to repair the most common fullscreen problem on Twitch. It’s usually quite simple to watch Twitch streams. All you have to do is go through the list of channels and pick the category that looks the most appealing to you.

The Twitch development team has put out a lot of effort into improving the user experience on the platform. This is why there are two different modes for viewing streams: Fullscreen, which is the most popular option, and “Theater Mode,” which allows you to multitask while watching streams.

What happens when Twitch doesn’t work in Fullscreen? Unless you do something and repair the problem, you might have trouble fully immersing yourself in a stream.

The Problem Explained & User Frustration

Even on a platform as big and dependable as Twitch, little flaws are unavoidable. Fortunately, the Twitch support staff is generally quick to respond to any new issues encountered by the community.

However, certain bugs are not deemed widespread or significant enough to be priorities, so it’s up to the community to find a solution.

The Twitch fullscreen not working issue is one of these bugs.Here you can see reddit thread where user is frustrated so One user even created a GIF to show the problem.

Playing video in fullscreen mode is one of the most important aspects for ensuring that you get the most out of every content-streaming website.

twitch full screen

How to fix Twitch Fullscreen Not Working?

Fix 1: Use This Simple Workaround Trick

To improve their viewing experience, many Twitch users like to keep their add-ons active while watching a stream. Some of these add-ons are meant to block advertisements from displaying, while others modify the user interface.

One of the most popular Twitch add-ons is Turbo. There are now more than a million users who have it installed and BBTV is popular one.

bbtv extension


What does this have to do with when you click on Fullscreen, Twitch will not open streams?

Disabling BBTV is said to be effective in resolving the issue, according to this Reddit thread. However, many people like keeping the extension enabled while on Twitch so that they can enjoy the benefits of both platforms.

A user with the handle “taurmice” discovered a straightforward solution. To use this method, perform the following steps.

  • Open Twitch and log in to your account.
  • In “default” viewing mode, load the stream you wish to watch.
  • Instead of clicking the Fullscreen button in the bottom-right corner, click the one next to it, which is for Theater Mode.
  • Now that your stream is in Theater Mode, double-click on the viewing window with your left mouse button. The stream will now enter Fullscreen mode.
  • You should now be able to watch Twitch on Fullscreen without uninstalling or deactivating your BBTV extension.

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Fix 2: Use A Different Browser To Access Twitch

opera browser

Other browsers, such as Firefox and Safari, should not be overlooked by Chrome users. Chrome is a popular multi-purpose browser that many individuals use on a regular basis. However, there are alternative options for watching Twitch. You won’t know whether they’re better until you give them a try.

For instance, you could use OperaGX, a gaming browser with a built-in Twitch section, as an example. Perhaps the Twitch fullscreen not functioning problem will not be an issue in that browser. It’s worth finding out if it is.



You should now be able to resolve the Twitch Fullscreen Not Working problem and enjoy streams as they were meant to be seen. If playback on your PC isn’t as smooth as you’d like, consider using a different device to watch Twitch for a better viewing experience.

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