How Long to Beat Tales of Berseria Game?

The estimated time to complete Tales of Berseria all achievements is about 35Hours.

Tales of Berseria is an action role-playing game set in a fantasy world filled with magic and monsters. The game follows the story of Velvet Crowe, a young woman who sets out on a journey of revenge after a demon destroys her entire village.

Along the way, Velvet meets other characters who join her on her quest, and together they battle their way through mystical lands and treacherous dungeons. While the game features some intense combat sequences, it also strongly focuses on character development and story.

As such, it’s an engaging and well-rounded experience that should please fans of both action games and RPGs. If you’re looking for something new to play, Tales of Berseria is worth checking out.

tales of berseria

How Long Does It Take To Beat Tales Of Berseria?

The developers behind the newest game in this famous series promise that it will have more than twice as much gameplay. The Tales of Berseria had 35 hours worth, but there’s speculation about Berseria reaching 60+ with its extended story mode!

Gamers will spend 100 hours playing the game when they add all its sidequests to their list. These extended gameplay times make for fun games with long stories, and ample amounts played per hour.

The Tales Of Berseria has more than just fighting enemies; many optional activities can be done between battles, like collecting items or recording yourself singing into an old phone booth near stairs by one character’s house. If you’re looking forward to spending lots on this title but don’t want any distractions during combat, then maybe think again because every minute counts!