How To Fix PS5 Wifi Not Working? (Easy Guide)

The PS5 is one of the most anticipated purchases for many people this holiday season. More and more, we find ourselves online with our mobile devices, so it’s only natural to want to play games on a console that can connect to wifi. However, not all gaming consoles are created equal when it comes to wireless connectivity.

Some aren’t even capable of connecting to the internet! If you’re having trouble connecting your new PlayStation 5 console to your home network or other networks in range, keep reading for some pointers on how to solve the problem!

Why does the PS5 do not connect to Wi-Fi?

Finding a PS5 online may be difficult if the game fails. Some well-known issues might make things considerably more difficult. To access online features, you’ll need to try several different troubleshooting approaches. You won’t be able to check your trophies until you have a broadband connection. here in this post, we will try to fix ps5 not connecting to wifi so, without delay let’s begin.

What causes PS5 wifi issues?

There are several causes for this problem, but we’ve compiled a list of the most common reasons behind PS5 malfunctions:

  • problem with ps5 console’s system.
  • PS5 is getting less signal
  • crowded network
  • no internet
  • router’s issue

Steps to fix ps5 not connecting to wifi

The issues which were listed above are now explained in brief and there are solutions through which you can fix them.

Move your PlayStation closer to your router

Router to fix ps5 not working

Wi-Fi, for example, is a wireless technology that can cause interference and has a limited distance before it degrades. In order to check if your router connects with your PlayStation 5 Go to Settings > Network > Configuration > Connection Status. Given that your average strength is less than 80% of your one-rep max, you should be doing enough physical activity.

Because of the nature of radio waves, avoid using either or both of these gadgets next to sources of interference or other items. Also, remember that radio frequencies are heavily restricted on high-density concrete surfaces. If it’s feasible for you to move your device physically closer to your home and keep an eye out for possible interferences from baby monitors.

Confirm your Wi-Fi network details

If you can’t connect your PlayStation 5 to Wi-Fi, double-check that you’re on the correct data plan. If the system was revoked or if someone else re-entered the password by mistake then you need to check your wifi password and reenter the correct password and connect to your ps5.

Connect with an Ethernet cable

With a wired connection, you can benefit from faster internet speeds and a considerably better connection. Wi-Fi is convenient, but only because it is wireless. Only one real advantage of cable broadband exists: nIt eliminates many of the instability issues that might arise as a result of the placement of cables.

If it were not possible, you could utilize the internet’s full speed as the system is directly connected. If you don’t have access to the internet, consider purchasing powerline adapters for your home that use ping addresses over the power lines and can connect to the electricity in your house. PS5 comes with either a long Ethernet cable or a long power line cable.

Run the PlayStation 5 Network Test

PlayStation Network Test
PlayStation Network Test

If you’re having trouble connecting your PS5 to the internet, first check to see whether it’s because of a weak signal or an incorrect network address.

If you don’t know why a PS5 won’t connect if you utilize another cellular provider, try it out. If one of two other tests fails, consider using the PS5 troubleshooting tool.

Reset Router

The simplest approach to reset a router is to press and hold the button at the top of the reset text screen for 15 or 20 seconds. After installation is finished, you should see a blip in the Modem light.

Later this will be beneficial when connecting the PS5 wirelessly. All potential causes of Network Issues for PS5 are addressed. Another factor has been restored to normal levels. We will now go through the procedure for restoring your internet router. there we showed you steps on how to reset your router and how to connect the PS5.

Stop other network activity and review your Internet plan

If we have a lot of traffic at the same time as your PC, performance may be affected. Please cease utilizing any other devices or PCs that download or upload huge documents or files, stream high-definition video, or anything similar. It should provide enough bandwidth for your PS5 to operate effectively.

Even for robust internet plans, bad network equipment might be a chokepoint. You may also need to upgrade your router from well-known manufacturers if necessary.

Reboot your PS5 and network equipment

Here you can reboot your device as rebooting helps to fix other minor issues too inorder to reboot you need to press on the power button located next to the console then you can shut off and then plug the device again once you disconnect leave it and now plugin it back that will help to reboot your device.

Check PSN server status


Occasionally, PSN servers might be inaccessible, causing problems with online services like logging in. Because these difficulties are addressed as soon as feasible, the only thing you can do now is waiting for them to be fixed from the PSN side. o Or you may simply check out the status of your server on the official site of PSN to see whether their server is fine.

Check PSN server status


How do I fix my slow WiFi on my PS5?

You can fix a slow WiFi connection on the PS5 by resetting your router using a power cycling option. It’s your responsibility to see it through.

How do I connect my PS5 to WIFI?

In order to connect a PlayStation 5 follow these steps:

  • Go to settings
  • select network
  • choose setup connection for connection status tab.
  • choose wifi and then type the password
  • Now you are connected to wifi on ps5


That’s it how you can fix the issue of connecting wifi with your PlayStation 5 and even if you are facing issue you can contact them as they will help to fix and if your issue is solved let us know in comment and don’t forget it to share.

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