Elden Ring’s Drainage Channel Site of Grace Location

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated game from developer FromSoftware,has been released and Sites of Grace are locations throughout Elden Ring where you can level up and fast travel.

You’ll want to activate every Site of Grace you come across so that they may lead you to important goals on the map.

Drainage Channel Site Of Grace

Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree has a Sit Spot called Drainage Channel. In Elden Ring, he is known as Elpagea’s legacy dungeon and can be found deep within Miquella forest where one must enter by climbing down from an elevator located immediately after killing Loretta-the Knight who serves as boss inside this larger part third level set piece referred to collectively as “The Heart”.

drainage channel in elden ring

How To Get To Drainage Channel Elden Ring?

The legacy dungeon, Elphael Brace of Haligtree, is the second part of the dungeon in Miquella’s Haligtree. You can find the main boss shortly after entering Elphael- Malenia, Blade of Miquella. The Haligtree region surrounding can be found if you summit Mountaintops of the Giants and explore northward.

You can find the Drainage Channel Site of Grace by going into the basement. There is an opening in the wall near a big, dusty vase where you can find a ramp that goes out. Climb on and go in whatever direction it takes you.

There are two Putrid Avatars in the water, as well as a pool of Scarlet Rot. You’ll have to swim through the pool and work your way over to the other side. When you get to the ledge, look below it and you’ll find another branch-like ramp.

found Elden Ring’s Drainage Channel Site of Grace Location

After you follow the path, jump down to the left branch. This will take you to a clearing. Take the first right entrance and go past the ladder on your left. Continue straight until you reach an area with water and Grace’s Drainage Channel Site.

Where To Find Drainage Channel In Elden Ring?

To find the Drainage Channel Site of Grace, you first need to complete the Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree quest and take the Grand Lift of Rold to the entrance of Consecrated Snowfield.


Where is the drainage channel site of grace?

The drainage channel is a beautiful site located in Elphael, next to the Haligtree Forest.

How do I get to the bottom of the Haligtree?

To leave the boss arena, go through the door in the back. Take the stairs down, and you will find a ladder. Climb down it all the way to find a building with an elevator inside. However, do not go inside just yet.

How do I get to Elphael brace of the Haligtree?

You will be attacked by projectiles that come in the shape of balls. Avoid them and go down the left ladder. You will find some buildings there. Follow the path until you reach Loretta, who is the Knight of Haligtree. Defeat her and use the next elevator to enter Elphael city, which was previously hidden.

Where is the Haligtree Elden ring?

Walk up the stairs, past the enemies, turn right, and you will find the dungeon’s site of grace. The exit to the Consecrated Snowfield is behind it. Open your map for a direct route to Map Stele.

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