Discord top secret control panel? What is it? How to use it?

Discord is a very popular website that helps us to communicate with any friends or any other person while playing games or for any other purpose. A user can create or join any server for staying connected with their friends.

Basically, it is software that is intended for strong community communication over mobile platforms or pc. It gained its community and fame after the widespread addiction of the free fire and PUBG players.

If you use Discord, then you may have heard about the Discord top secret control panel. If you feel interested and want to make your games livelier, then I will recommend you to read this full article. This post is gonna show you what is Discord top secret control panel and how exactly you can use it. 

What is Discord secret control Panel?

Discord is an online site that comes with features like message board, chatting, or the VoIP chatting system and it also comes along with its top-secret control panel. Discord can be used on devices like iOS, Android, Laptops, etc. Which you can use as an alternative for communication with your friends or anybody.

Discord even comes with the top-secret control panes feature on its PC version. This top-secret control panel feature can be easily located by right-clicking on the Discord icon on the notification board of Windows.

As this feature of the top secret control panel is disabled on the default and you can’t click on it. As you see it is disabled then how exactly could you access it?

How to Access Discord Top Secret Control Panel?

As you are nowhere, So in this section, we will show how to access the Discord top secret control panel. Simply, follow these steps:

Step 1: First of all, download Discord from its official site

download discord

Step 2: Now, Double click on the installed file and simply install it to your pc.

Step 3: Once it is installed, go to the notification bar and right-click on the Discord icons.

Step 4: Now, you can see the greyed-out Top secret control Panel feature.

While the Discord top secret control panel has been disabled for several years, Here, we don’t find any official announcement from Discord for the disabling of the top-secret control panel.

Here, we can guess discord can bring some new features for the top secret panel, but maybe that feature can be paid.

Possible Reasons for why you cannot Access Top-secret Control Panel Feature
  • The feature of the Top-secret control panel might only be open to the developers for its development and maintenance
  • This button might be on its beta version and can be introduced at a later age
  • It can also be there just to make you more curious about the feature and while it can have nothing to do with the Top-secret control panel feature of discord.

Besides these reasons, It could happen because of other reasons and we don’t list all of them.

How to Enable or Disable Discord Top-Secret control panel?
  • At this moment, this button has been disabled for several years.
  • In other words, you may enable the Top secret control panel right now.
  • However, we also hope discord might bring some attributes using this top secret control panel very soon.

So, you see we must keep calm for this moment and wait for the upgrade as the best spy are in the excellent software that may hook up with your friends in order to get a high-level gaming experience.

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