How to Connect LG Soundbar to WiFi?

So you want to stream music and watch TV at the same time? Don’t worry about being attached directly to anything because your new Soundbar can do it all for you. Connect wirelessly with Wi-Fi, then play whatever song or show strikes your fancy!

Most people think that connecting devices to Wi-Fi is a difficult task, but that’s not always the case. In this blog post, we will be discussing how to connect your LG soundbar to Wi-Fi.

Steps you need to follow to connect LG Soundbar to Wi-Fi

Step 1: Power on the LG Soundbar

You need to connect your Soundbar before you can make use of it. This is a straightforward process and takes only seconds, so don’t worry! All that’s left for us now will be to turn on your device by plugging in there at an outlet nearby.

Step 2: Connect Your Smart Device/Devices to The Internet.

The LG sound bar is not a stand-alone device, and as such, it needs to be connected with other smart devices for the actual speakers on your TV or computer monitor.

If you want to create a seamless connection between your sound bar and other smart home devices like TVs, both must be connected via stable internet connections.

Step 3: Download and Install Google Home App

The process of connecting Google Home with your Soundbar should be pretty straightforward. All you need to do on the other side is download and install an app from either Apple’s App Store or Android Market, which will allow for connection between phone/tablet device and speakers in connected mode through Wi-Fi networks.

If you want to connect your new Soundbar, it’s best that the Google Home app only works with LG products. We’ll also need different steps depending on which one we get!

The Google Home app will only work with LG Soundbar and not other brands, such as Bose or Vizio. You need to make sure that your sound bar is connected wirelessly before trying out any features to function correctly!

Install Google Home App

Step 4: Connect Your LG Sound Bar to the Google Home App

You’ll need the Google Home app and Wi-Fi connection to connect your sound bar.

Reset your device by holding down the microphone button on top of it for about 10 seconds. Next, open Google Home and click “Add” in the upper left corner to create an account with all settings saved under one account name!

Once you’ve completed the setup process, open up your Google Home app and click on device manager. You will see a list of all available devices compatible with this software! In our case, it is just one entry: “LG sound bar.”

Once you find the right sound bar, its name will be displayed on your screen. Tap it to connect with the Google Home app.

Step 5: Connect Your LG Sound Bar to Wi-Fi

The Google Home app is a great way to manage your new sound bar. Once you set up the connection between it and Wi-Fi, all that’s left to do to connect them through this software will be to click “Cast” from one device or another!

The Google Home app will show you which Wi-Fi network to connect your sound bar and router. Make sure they share the same signal before making this choice!

Step 6: Use Your LG Sound Bar

Connect your sound bar to Wi-Fi, and you’re ready for some fun! With this new connection, stream music or do whatever suits you well with ease.

Imagine the possibilities if you could have your own cinemas in your home! With a sound bar and speakers, this is now possible.

You’ll be able to connect multiple devices with an internet connection that’s shared by all of them, giving you better quality than what one device alone could provide.

Because more power goes into audio output, you will get clear dialogue without any distortion or lost words, even during intense scenes where there’s much happening on screen simultaneously.


How do you connect a soundbar to Wi-Fi?

You need to click on source >connect the mobile device to the same Wi-Fi> tap av and select the brand.

How do I reset my LG Sound Bar Wi-Fi?

If you wish to reset your LG Soundbar, hold down the Volume Down Button on the Soundbar and press the Sound Effect Button on the Remote. This should reset your LG Soundbar or reset bose soundbar.

Is there an app for the LG sound bar?

You can use the LG Bluetooth® app for Android to control your sound bar with your phone or tablet.

Can you connect a sound bar wirelessly?

Yes, you can connect the sound bar through Wi-Fi and using google home.

Wrapping it Up 

We hope you enjoyed this guide on Connecting LG Soundbar to Wi-Fi. As you can see, the process is pretty simple and easy to follow! All that’s left for you now is to go ahead and try it out for yourself, so you can enjoy the benefits of a sound bar in your own home.

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